Marisol SA

We are a Brazilian brand in constant evolution.

We Take Childhood Seriously, it is our purpose. This is what guides us in the search for businesses and connections that support the evolution of society through children.

We are a company with an innovative spirit. We have been in the market for 59 years, constantly seeking to evolve our practices and business models. We started in industry, evolved into retail, were pioneers in franchise movements in Brazil, we operate with licenses and our latest and most recent innovation has been in the universe of content.

We produce around 15 million pieces of clothing and over 500 thousand pairs of shoes per year, valuing every moment of childhood with style and comfort in every occasion.

Our brands – Lilica Ripilica, Tigor T. Tigre, Marisol, Mundo Ripilica,, Hapier and Pakalolo can be found in our chain of 300 stores and over 4,000 multi-brand points of sale across the country, delighting and participating in the happiest moments in life

Mundo Ripilica, the adventures of Lilica, the Koala, is an animated series that debuted in 2017 on Discovery Kids and is now available on several platforms and multi-channels around the world.


Be recognized as a manager of brands and distribution channels leading the children's clothing segment.


To dress the bodies and souls of people.


We take childhood seriously.

We create businesses and relationships that support the evolution of society through children, promoting development, education and stimulating individuality.


Inside every child is a whole world that can make the world better.


Marisol in the future

In 2030, we will be leaders in the universe of children, creating business opportunities and connections that support the evolution of society through children.

We will promote the development, education and encouragement of individuals with strong and beloved brands that offer products, services and content for families.

We will be the most relevant Brazilian business platform within this universe.

The growth and sustainability of current businesses should be in line with the proposal of this platform.



We look for restlessness in people, provoking movement and synergy among the teams so that there is a relationship of trust, ethics, and commitment, potentiating diversity with the sum of ideas.


We seek to achieve goals and identify opportunities, rethinking the way we do things and honoring the commitments made to our stakeholders, seeking excellence in what we do.


We seek to innovate by generating value for the business. We act with interdependence between the whole and the parts in search of constant evolution in all relationships. We aim to adapt to changes, ensuring speed and sustainable results.

Our evolution

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